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Karen Ball

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Karen has loved dance since her days of ballet and watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and it has only continued to grow from there. Little did she know that it would change her life for years to come. She had joined a dance class in high school and in university. She took a break for a few years while pursuing her education. Karen achieved a post-graduate education at Ryerson University, first in Information & Technology Management and then in eCommerce. Later, she obtained a Masters in eCommerce at the University of Phoenix. She has currently opened up a sweets company, Decadent Treats Inc, baking out of Toronto.


Karen took up ballroom dance, again, 3 years ago to continue her love for dance and further advance her abilities. Dance is one of her favourite hobbies and it keeps inspiring her to strive for more! Since joining the Toronto Social Dance School in 2010 she flourished in her training with her teacher and Pro-Am partner Mark Shpuntov. Their connection and chemistry started from the beginning and has only continued to grow through the years. With each and every dance they perform it can be seen. Karen is committed to dance and looks forward to improving for many years to come.

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